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The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act was passed by the California State legislature in 1971. This act is commonly known as California’s Lemon Law, which was created to offer financial relief to consumers who purchased a defective vehicle that does not function according to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. With modification, the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act started offering financial relief to the consumers of different types of defective products. It has extended to the owners or lessee of defective watercraft, and motorcycles, as long as the products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, your legal rights are protected as a consumer if you purchase any type of watercraft with a defect.

Your boat or watercraft may be a Lemon if its operation, safety, or value is impaired by a defect or malfunctioning that cannot be fixed, or resolved, despite multiple attempts by the manufacturing company, or an authorized repair shop. In this scenario, you must consult with an experienced ‘Lemon Law’ attorney who has handled claims involving ‘Lemon’ watercraft. You will find experienced and qualified attorneys through the Braff Law Firm.

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We ensure that our clients benefit from the relief offered by the manufacturing company or authorized repair shops. At first, we will examine the documents related to the repair, and the warranty of the boat, or watercraft. We can determine if the vessel is a ‘Lemon’ and protected under California’s Lemon Law. We will discuss your legal options if the vessel has protection. As the consumer of a ‘Lemon’ boat or watercraft, you may be entitled to receive cash after settling a claim. Or a refund of the original purchase or replacement of the boat or watercraft. However, you must contact us as soon as possible after finding out that your boat or watercraft is a ‘Lemon’. Your vessel is not protected after the expiry of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Types of Watercrafts Covered by the ‘Lemon Law’

According to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the owners, or lessees of any type of watercraft, which has defect/s that compromise its safety, value, or usefulness, are protected from financial losses through replacement or repurchase of the defective vessel.

Under California’s Lemon Law, consumers of defective watercraft have two options. They can ask the manufacturer:

Your vessel (boats and other types of watercrafts) will be protected under the Lemon Law if the manufacturing company, or the authorized dealer, fails to repair the defect, despite multiple attempts. The following types of watercrafts are covered by the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act if they are sold or leased with a manufacturer’s warranty:

You must ensure that the manufacturer, or authorized repair facility, receives sufficient opportunity to repair the defect or malfunctioning, if you want the boat or watercraft to be qualified as a ‘Lemon’. It is important to maintain a record of the repair orders due to this reason.

A ‘Lemon Law’ attorney in Vallejo can use these documents to prove that your vessel is a ‘lemon’, and you are eligible to recover relief for purchasing or leasing this defective product. We have a history of settling hundreds of ‘Lemon Law’ claims and have always been able to recover the relief according to our clients’ request. We can fight for your legal rights as a consumer if your boat or watercraft is a lemon.

Prove That the Watercraft is a Lemon

You cannot recover any relief for the loses by claiming that your boat or watercraft is a ‘Lemon’. You must prove this point alongside proving that the watercraft is covered by the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. You must prove that:

Manufacturing companies rarely accept their responsibility and offer relief to the consumers for their financial losses. They are known to dispute the claim often. Therefore, it is prudent to contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney in Vallejo the moment you find out that the vessel is a ‘Lemon’. We have helped many frustrated consumers in recovering relief.

The Braff Law Firm understands that it is extremely frustrating for a consumer if their boat or any other watercraft breaks down frequently or fails to work properly. If you do not receive what you were promised when purchasing or leasing any watercraft in Vallejo, then we can get sufficient relief for your financial losses.

With years of experience in successfully handling different types of Lemon Law claims, we know how to develop a winning strategy for each case based upon their unique qualities. We keep in touch with our clients through every step of the legal proceeding. We consult with them before making any decision regarding the remedy for their loss resulting from the purchase of a Lemon watercraft. Our lawyers at the Braff Law Firm have helped innumerable boat owners and would be happy to assist you in this process.

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