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If you have recently purchased a vehicle or leased one and have had some issues with it, you may be entitled to compensation under the Lemon Law. Often when a vehicle is driven off the lot, the new owner thinks that everything that happens to it from then on would be the expense of the owner and not the car dealership or the automaker in Dublin. That is certainly not true in all cases.

Covered Under Lemon Laws

While some of the products that are made from the factory are defective and fall short of being long lasting and dependable, thousands of vehicles are sold each year that qualify as a lemon. If you think that your car is considered a lemon, keep reading to learn what you need to do next.

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Most consumers who reside in the United States are covered and protected by laws that provide solutions to those who have invested in a vehicle only to have the vehicles act up.

You as a consumer in Dublin have the right to be able to depend on your vehicle that you purchased, especially if it is still under warranty. You may be thinking about how the Lemon Laws works. The laws are the same in any state when it comes to the Lemon Law. At the Law Offices of Braff P.C., we understand your situation and know that there can be a variety of issues plaguing your vehicle that oftentimes, in defective vehicles, are beyond repair.
The Lemon Law provides cover for the new car owner. Once the car is leased or purchased for family, personal, or business use, you will depend on that vehicle from now on, or until you trade it or purchase another.

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If a manufacturer can’t fix the problem in your vehicle, and you have tried to have it repaired several times without success, then the vehicle will either need to be replaced or you will receive a refund once you give the vehicle back. The Law Offices of Braff P.C. understands that the Lemon Law is only good for vehicles that are still within warranties and cover many different types of vehicles which include motorcycles, vans, SUV’s, cars, and trucks.
With the Lemon Law, the main components that keep the vehicle running includes the chassis, the chassis cab, as well as the drive train of a motor home. Vehicles that are leased, pre-owned, and financed are also covered within these laws.

The Lemon Law Works As Follow:

  • The vehicle is taken to a repair facility for repair
  • The vehicle repairs take more than thirty days
  • The vehicle is not repaired the first time so the consumer takes the vehicle to be repaired again, and possibly again without being able to get the vehicle fixed.
  • The automaker is notified of the vehicle’s issues and the number of attempts to fix it.
  • The automaker offers the consumer a replacement vehicle or a refund minus the value
  • The automaker will pay the attorney fees and any additional costs associated with the Lemon Law.

A ‘Lemon’ Under the California Laws

We understand that the following must be considered when a vehicle has been repaired more than once:

  • The existing warranty has not run out. The vehicle should have been bought with an active warranty
  • The vehicle was purchased from a dealership or manufacturer.
  • There have been a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle
  • The issue with the car/auto must be due to the material
  • The defects are not a result from the normal wear and tear of the vehicle since it was purchased.

Eligibility of the Consumer

As a consumer, you are many times unsure of the actual rights you have, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle that has some form of defect. In many cases, not realizing a consumer is protected from a Lemon Law, the consumer may think they are stuck with the vehicle. That is where we step in. At the Law Offices of Braff P.C., we are here to represent you. The Lemon Laws provide the following remedies to a vehicle that qualifies as a lemon:

  • Purchase the vehicle back from the consumer, including reimbursement for any money spent trying to fix the vehicle or
  • The automaker will offer a replacement of the vehicle and
  • Offer a case settlement that pays for even attorney fees and other costs associated with the defective vehicle.


What Is the Time Limit for Filing Under the Lemon Law in California?

Like everything else, there is a time limit for any claim to be filed. The vehicle issues must have occurred while the vehicle warranty was active. The Lemon Law rules have a statute of limitation which is within four years of discovering there is a defect.

While you have four years to file a complaint, it’s important that you don’t wait until the four years is about up before you begin. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be signed and read through. You may want to hire our legal team to represent you as you try to get your money back.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have a Lemon Vehicle?

If you think that your vehicle is considered a lemon, you will want to do the following:

  • Gather up all the paperwork involved with your vehicle from the purchase of the vehicle to the trips to the repair shop.
  • Contact a lawyer that specializes in the Lemon Law to see if you have a case.
  • If your vehicle was leased, then you will still need to follow these steps in order to get your vehicle considered to be a lemon.


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