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As one of the best places to own and ride motorcycles, California has the right climate and roads to have an enjoyable ride. Additionally, with lane splitting being legal, maneuvering through high traffic isn’t a problem. That is why there are plenty of motorcycle owners that call California home. However, there are many that will purchase motorcycles that will unknowingly be defective.

Additionally, California has one of the most detailed and extensive Lemon Laws in the country. California Lemon Laws, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act was established in 1970. Lemon Laws protect the customer’s rights through a claims process.

Our team of lawyers at the Braff Law Firm know that it can be frustrating to deal with a defective motorcycle, especially when you are yearning to ride with the winds. Our Lemon Law attorneys in Vallejo work with motorcycle owners to help them understand the details of this law’s regulations, and how the whole process works.

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Having years of experience dealing with all aspects of Lemon Laws as applicable for defective motorcycle owners, we have considerable success in litigating against and negotiating with leading motorcycle manufacturers. Due to our exceptional experience, we understand what the manufacturers will do, after receiving a formal notification of a claim filed under the Lemon Laws in California. All of this is taken into consideration by our Lemon Law attorneys in Vallejo, and we are prepared to handle your case right from the start. Nobody would advice you to take on a motorcycle manufacturer on your own if you need a refund or replacement on a lemon motorcycle.

It is a complex and tedious procedure that takes skill, knowledge of Lemon Laws and experience handling such cases. That is why consulting with one of our Lemon Law attorneys in Vallejo would be the best solution for you currently. As most motorcycle manufactures have a strong team of lawyers that would use every strategy to reduce or deny your claim, we will shoulder the responsibility of helping you get a much-needed refund or replacement.

Details on Lemon Laws in California

These Lemon Laws are applicable for all vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, motorhomes, boats, watercrafts, and trucks, including other consumer goods. Thus, if you have recently, leased or purchased a motorcycle that is still under factory warranty, as per the laws, it needs to be repaired according to the mandated specification of the manufacturer, and to the owner’s satisfaction. If that is not followed, our Lemon Law attorneys in Vallejo will hold the authorized dealership, or the motorcycle manufacturer, accountable.

Thus, as per the regulations of the Lemon Laws in California, if the motorcycle you leased or bought isn’t up to the quality mandated, or advertised by the manufacturer, and has frequent breakdowns with unsuccessful repair attempts, you have a lemon on your hand. Thus, under specific laws, you are eligible to get a refund, replacement, and damages.

As this is a very specific field and the motorcycle manufacturers would not be willing to engage with you without any proof, it is important to document all defects/breakdown and repair attempts that have been unsuccessful to date. They will need proof and evidence before the manufacturer will agree that you were sold a lemon.

Although there are many attorneys that claim to be experts at Lemon Laws, not all of them have specific experience dealing with Lemon Law cases and claims. Thus, it is important to judge the experience, and past success rates of lawyers, before hiring them for your case. We can help you get the best possible outcome.

Know if Your Motorcycle is Defective

There are multiple defects that indicate that you bought a motorbike, which can be termed as a lemon. Whether it is an issue of stalling, starting, ignition or hard cranking, poor power supply, or a defective electrical system that is causing frequent breakdowns, you need to start looking at the legal angle. Basically, your motorcycle is a lemon if it constantly breaks down after you try to drive it, even after frequent repairs.

As per the Lemon Laws, it is important that you can prove a few aspects before filing a claim for a defective motorcycle. These include:

If these pre-conditions are met, you are eligible to file a claim and our Lemon Law Attorneys in Vallejo would be happy to assist you every step of the way. Additionally, it is important that you take care of these key aspects to strength your case:

It helps to know that a good Lemon Law attorney with the Braff Law Firm is working for you when you file for a claim. With ample years of experience in Lemon Law, in California, we have handled claims with some of the largest motorbike manufacturers in the USA. If you are unsure of whether you have a claim on your lemon motorcycle, we can assess and evaluate your case. Call us today to know more about it.

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