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Have you recently purchased an RV (recreational vehicle) which refuses to function properly, despite multiple repairs? In the United States, hundreds of defective RVs are sold every year. To protect the consumers from financial losses, RVs are also covered by the Lemon Law in California.

The lawyers of our firm have years of experience in successfully handling Lemon Law claims that resulted from defective RVs. The Law Offices of Braff P.C. can help you obtain relief for your losses if you have purchased an RV with defects that significantly reduces its value, use, and safety of the passengers. You need not worry about paying attorney’s fees or legal costs. We do not charge our clients. Under California’s Lemon Law, the manufacturing companies must pay for the expenses related to legal proceedings, along with the attorney’s fee. Therefore, you can benefit from our legal expertise without worrying about additional expenses.

Our success rate speaks of our expertise and our ability to handle any type of Lemon Law claim. Book an initial consultation with us to learn about the merits of your claim. You must pay nothing to consult with us.

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Don’t Drive an RV with a Defect, Take Legal Action as Soon as Possible

A lot of things may go wrong if you drive or ride in an RV with a defect.

It is prudent not to drive an RV with a defect due to this reason. You can file a Lemon Law claim under California’s Lemon law. In California, RVs (recreational vehicles) are covered under the Lemon Law. However, Lemon Laws for RVs are different from Lemon Laws for automobiles.

RVs are regarded as ‘consumer’ goods. They enjoy the same protection as other consumer goods with a manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you must be represented by a Lemon law attorney who has handled multiple claims resulting from RVs with defects.

The Law Offices of Braff P.C. have handled hundreds of similar Lemon Law claims and we understand the unique challenges, and complications associated with California’s Lemon Law. We know how the manufacturing companies react to Lemon Law cases. However, we are not nervous about being in a legal fight with influential business organizations, and lawyers on their retainer. We are not hesitant to pursue litigation if necessary and obtain justified relief for our clients.

Under California’s Lemon law, the manufacturing company of an RV with defects must either replace the vehicle or refund the money, (purchase price of an RV and expenses resulting from repairs) if the manufacturing company, or authorized dealer, fails to repair the RV, conforming to the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty, after a reasonable number of attempts. The manufacturing companies rarely compensate the consumers without a legal fight. Therefore, it is important to retain the service of an experienced lawyer.

The variants of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) protected under the Lemon law are:

Does Your RV Qualify to Be a Lemon?

We know that you may have a Lemon RV on your hand when it is under a manufacturer’s warranty, and it fails to function as it is supposed to, despite multiple repair attempts. Common defects covered under the Lemon law are:

What to Do & What Not to Do?

We need your help to obtain sufficient relief for your losses from the manufacturer of your Lemon vehicle. You must document everything if you want to prove that your RV is a Lemon. It is essential to put together all the receipts, service slips, and invoices related to the purchase or repair of your RV.

It is equally important to note down the dates when you talked to representatives of the manufacturing company, or the authorized dealer, as well as the summary of the conversation. We can collect important information from these documents during the initial consultation. Lemon Law claims involving RVs may easily become complicated. It is important to maintain a record of significant data related to the purchase and repair of your RV, due to this reason.

The salespeople, dealers, managers, or representatives of manufacturing companies do not know the Lemon Law, and they are not interested in your benefit. Don’t listen to them, but call the Law Offices of Braff P.C.

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