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A pick-up truck is generally used by small businesses for commercial or personal reasons. A truck is a reliable mode of transportation. You may use a truck to get things done. You may even use this vehicle for recreation. However, the pleasure of owning a truck may get shattered if it frequently breaks down, fails to start or fails to function properly.

Your new truck may become a liability if it has defects or malfunctions. In this scenario, a truck may spend more days in the repair shop than on the road. If the basic features of a truck have defects, then it may spend days or weeks in a repair shop. On the other hand, you may have to spend thousands of dollars to repair the mechanical or electrical defects. If a manufacturer or authorized dealer fails to repair a defect despite multiple attempts, then you may file a Lemon law claim for the remedy of your financial losses. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act protects the owners of pick-up trucks with a manufacturer’s warranty. You truck has to meet the following features to qualify for the protection of California’s Lemon Law:

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Large trucks, such as tanker trucks, semi-trailers, 18-wheelers, or dump trucks, are not usually covered under California’s Lemon Law. These trucks are usually bought by large companies with a fleet of vehicles. However, commercial trucks owned by small businesses may be protected under California’s Lemon law to save the business from financial loss.

Therefore, it is essential to talk with an experienced Lemon law attorney with the Law Offices of Braff P.C. instead of driving a truck with malfunctions. You can consult with an experienced Lemon law attorney in our firm. We will let you know about your legal options, as the owner of a truck with defects, and a manufacturer’s warranty, and about your options for the remedy of your financial losses.

How to Determine If Your Pickup Truck Is a Lemon?

It is important for consumers to understand that every legal case is unique, and the court makes the final decision with regards to whether a truck qualifies to be a Lemon. However, there are certain guidelines that enable you to determine if your truck is a Lemon. You may have a lemon truck if:

However, it may be difficult for an individual to determine if their pickup truck qualifies to be a Lemon. Therefore, book an initial consultation with our experienced Lemon Law attorneys. We will discuss your case in details and determine the best course of action. Our main objective is to settle a claim through negotiation. However, we are not afraid to fight against influential manufacturing companies at the court level. We are dedicated to ensuring that our client receives a sufficient remedy for their financial losses, caused by a Lemon truck.

Why Manufacturers Deny Truck Lemon Claims –

In an ideal scenario, a truck’s manufacturer takes responsibility for the defect and offers a remedy to the truck’s owner. However, it seldom happens in reality. Manufacturing companies often deny Lemon Law claims if a consumer is not being represented by a reputed Lemon Law attorney. The manufacturing company may deny a claim in the following scenarios:

Therefore, a truck’s manufacturer may deny a claim in different scenarios. You have to retain the service of an experienced Lemon Law attorney if you want to avoid this outcome and be fairly resolved for your losses.

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Don’t drive a truck with a substantial defect that impairs its value, safety, and use. You may injury yourself or others on the road in this scenario. We have been arguing for frustrated consumers for years. We will fight to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your loss.

Don’t waste any time wondering about whether your truck qualifies to be a Lemon. If you cannot trust or drive your truck, then it is time to consult with our experienced lawyers. During the initial consultation, we can determine if your truck qualifies to be a Lemon, and if a vehicle’s manufacturer owes you a replacement or a refund.

We will review the documents related to a truck’s repair and other pertaining data. These documents can be used as evidence when proving your claim through negotiation or a lawsuit. We will answer all your queries related to the case and take the necessary legal action.

We have helped our clients in getting a deserved remedy for their loss according to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, and our clients must pay nothing to retain our service. Contact the Law Offices of Braff P.C. to be represented by a compassionate, experienced, dedicated, and successful lawyer. Call now at 707-474-6058.

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