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Dogs are a common pet belonging to many families within the state. Whether they live in the city or in the suburbs, dogs need to get out and walk and get other forms of exercise. While they cannot be allowed to walk freely all around, their owner assumes responsibility for them to leash them up and walk them and take them around to areas specially designed for dogs in order to get some exercise. Unfortunately, sometimes a dog will attack another dog or a human, leaving an extensive amount of pain and injuries that take time to heal.

When a dog bites or attacks anyone, the pain can be unbearable. Not only do dogs bite and latch on, sometimes their bite can go deep. When an attack occurs, the owner is completely responsible for their dog’s behavior and they will need to be held responsible for the dog attack that just occurred on you.

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Victims Need Compensation Dog Attack

Some states have different laws that govern how a dog bite is handled. This also includes the compensation paid out by the owners. In most cases, the dog’s owner is the one that is responsible for the bill at 100% however, this is not always the judgement and may require that the individual injured or another individual is considered liable as well. Another factor to consider is where the dog attack occurred. In some areas, the only time the dog owner is liable and responsible is if the dog attacks someone who comes onto their property.

Many times, a dog will attack suddenly while you are not expecting it. Once the attack is over, you will most likely need some form of medical attention. You will also need to gather up any evidence you see at the scene as well as the names and contact information for everyone who may have witnessed the attack. Then you will want to get legal representation for personal injury.

Justice and Damages for Dog Bite Victims

If a loved one or you have been injured from a dog attack in Dublin, Vacaville, Morgan Hill Or Vallejo don’t try and negotiate a deal with the owner of the dog on scene. You don’t know exactly the extent of your injuries at that moment and you may still be in shock and unable to process the severity. Leave the scene when it is safe to do so and then seek medical attention for your wounds.

Once you are home safe or under the care of a doctor, call our office and schedule your appointment to file a personal injury claim so that you can get the compensation you need and deserve.

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Dog bites happen suddenly and can occur when they aren’t even provoked. Once they do occur, they can be life changing. For the most part, a dog is a family pet that gives hugs and kisses to those they know and trust however when an adorable pet turns on someone or sees a stranger, they may become protective. They have strength that comes on fast and can do a lot of damage. Our team of lawyers can make a difference in your dog bite case. While you are recovering, let us go to work for you. Call us today about your case.

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