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Not many people know that Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of California, which is also known as California’s Lemon Law, protects motorcycle owners like the owners of other consumer products. The Lemon Law is a collection of consumer protection provisions that ensure that the consumers do not suffer from financial losses, due to purchasing a defective product, if the product is available with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The protection that is available through California’s Lemon Law for motorcycles is not the same as the protection that is available for cars. Motorcycles are regarded as consumer products. Therefore, the Lemon La is slightly different for cars than motorcycles. Motorcycle owners are protected by the Lemon Law nonetheless. Therefore, you need not ride on a motorcycle with nonconformities (malfunctions or defects).

You can recover remedy for your financial losses with the assistance of a qualified and dedicated Lemon Law attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Braff P.C. if you want to be represented by an experienced Lemon Law attorneys. We know how to protect the legal rights of a frustrated consumer who has unknowingly purchased a motorcycle with one or more defects. We have fought against many reputed motorcycle manufacturers over the years and recovered remedy for their financial losses. We will explain your legal rights as a consumer and become your voice when negotiating a settlement with the manufacturing company or lawyers on their retainer.

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California’s Lemon Law for Motorcycles

To enjoy the protection of California’s Lemon Law, your motorcycle must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. According to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty act, your motorcycle qualifies to be a Lemon if:

At the Law Offices of Braff P.C., we know that if your motorcycle is a Lemon, then the manufacturing company is responsible to repay the consumer after repurchasing the motorcycle, or to replace the Lemon motorcycle with a properly functioning vehicle. However, most manufacturing companies do not respond positively to a consumer’s request, and you may have to recover the remedy for your financial losses through a legal fight. In this legal fight, you will need the assistance of our experienced lawyers.

A motorcycle has to meet the following features in order to be protected by California’s Lemon Law:

It is important to remember that California’s Lemon Law protects motorcycles which are registered to be used on the highways. This law offers no protection to off-road motorcycles.

The Common Defects of Lemon Motorcycles

Your motorcycle may be a Lemon if it is experiencing the following problems:

You must do the following tasks if you believe that your motorcycle is a Lemon:

The manufacturing company, or the authorized repair shop, may not maintain a record of the attempts to repair the defect for their own records. Thus, you must be ready with the proof. Because you cannot recover a remedy for your losses if you cannot prove that the manufacturing company, or authorized dealer, tried to repair a defect a reasonable number of times.

It’s time to consult with an experienced Lemon Law attorney once you collect all the receipts and documents to prove that your motorcycle qualifies to be a Lemon. We know how to handle Lemon Law claims and recover sufficient remedy for our clients’ losses. The Law Offices of Braff P.C. will either get a refund or replacement of the Lemon motorcycle, based upon your choice.

Steps to Take If You Believe that Your Motorcycle is a Lemon

Consult with an experienced Lemon Law attorney at the Law Offices of Braff P.C. who can represent your legal rights.

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