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The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act which is commonly known as Lemon Law does not just protect cars or motorcycles. It also offers protection to Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Motorhomes. RVs and Motorhomes are sold with an Express warranty like cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. Therefore, you do not have to drive an RV with a defect if you purchase it in California. You have a remedy through a Lemon Law claim.

To enjoy the protection of California’s Lemon Law, the Express warranty must remain valid for the RV. You must contact a Lemon Law attorney as soon as possible after discovering that the RV has defects. You can recover no remedy for your losses if the RV is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Contact the Law Offices of Braff P.C. as soon as possible once you find out that the performance of your RV does not conform to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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How Do You Know If Your RV is a Lemon?

Your Recreational Vehicle will qualify to be a Lemon if:

Our Lemon Law attorneys can get remedy for your financial losses if your RV meets with these features.

Legal Rights of a Consumer Under the RV Lemon Law

Purchasing a RV is a substantial investment. When you invest in an RV, it is natural for you to expect that the vehicle will function without any glitches for years and become a reliable mode of transport. In this scenario, it is natural to feel frustrated if the newly purchased RV breaks down frequently or does not function according to the terms of the Express warranty.

Contact the Manufacturer

You must contact the manufacturing company or the authorized dealer to repair the defect. If they fail to repair the defect or the issue despite multiple attempts, then you have a Lemon RV on your hands. The manufacturing company is responsible to pay for your losses in this scenario since the RV failed to conform to the terms of the Express warranty.

Demand What You Rightfully Deserve

You lawfully deserve this remedy as a consumer. Therefore, it is important not to drive an RV with defects, and to contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney to recover remedy for your losses. It’s time to contact us if you are wondering about the remedies available to you as the consumer of a Lemon RV. The Law Offices of Braff P.C. will review the manufacturers’ warranty and the documents related to the repair of your RV in order to determine if it is protected under California’s Lemon Law.

Different Parts Covered by Different Types of Warranty

It is important to remember that different parts of an RV may be covered by different types of manufacturer’s warranties. For example, the coach portion of your RV may be warranted by the manufacturer of the RV. However, the powertrain and chassis portion of the RV may be warranted by a different manufacturer. Therefore, you must consult with an expert Lemon Law attorney in Vacaville if you want to understand the coverage available through different types of Express warranties.

Maintain Accurate Records of Everything

It’s important to maintain an accurate record of the defects and problems encountered by you when driving an RV if you want to recover any remedy for your financial losses. You also must record the number of days for which the RV was in the repair shop. We have handled hundreds of Lemon Law claims resulting from different types of vehicular defects.

Commonly Reported Problems with RVs in California

The recreational vehicles that qualify to be Lemons are reported to have the following defects or issues:

Contact Us for an Informed Decision & Expert Assistance

The Law Offices of Braff P.C. will listen to your situation once you book an initial consultation with us. We will gather all the facts associated with the defects, and repair, of your vehicle, and we will efficiently protect your consumer rights. We know that purchasing an RV is a substantial investment.

That’s why we fight to protect the legal rights of the consumer. We ensure that our clients receive the deserved remedy for their financial losses, due to investing in an RV, Motorhome, fifth wheel, or a trailer with defects. However, the defect must diminish the value, safety, or use of the vehicle. Under California’s Lemon Law, an RV or motorhome will be considered a Lemon if it has substantial defects that cannot be repaired, despite a reasonable number of attempts by the manufacturer or authorized dealer.

The number of repair attempts considered to be reasonable varies depending upon the circumstances and facts of each case. Therefore, consult with a Lemon Law attorney before making a final decision regarding a Lemon Law claim. Call us today at the Law Offices of Braff P.C.

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